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The Seifullah Family https://www.tanyarphotography.com/blog/2018/3/the-seifullah-family Black History Month 2018



This has been a wonderful Black History month. One that I will remember for years to come.   With the Black Panther movie breaking box office records.  Black people coming together in unity to support the movie, to celebrate our heritage and our culture.  It has indeed been a wonderful month. 


However, even though it is over, we should not forget the unity and the solidarity that we have shown over the past month.   We should to continue to show this even though the Month of February is in the rearview mirror.    


With that said, TanyaR Photography is proud to present The Seifullah Family.   This is a family that is rich in our heritage and our culture.  Jihad, who is a manager at a non-profit community organization in Philadelphia, that spends it time going door to door to make sure that our voices are heard.   Delaina who spends her day teaching at a Philadelphia Middle School educating our most precious minds.  The Seifullah Family The Seifullah’s and I met through sports, I knew immediately that I wanted to capture the magic of the Black Love that radiates from this couple.  So, when I got the call to do their Baby Announcement session, I was extremely excited.  This gave me the chance to get to know this couple upfront and personal to the magic.   So, from the baby announcement to Baby Sevyn’s Milestone Birthday Photos, I am now capturing their family moments as life happens.


If you would like to retain me to photograph your family moments please click here to schedule your photo session. 


I look forward to hearing from you….


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