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That "ONE" Picture

April 10, 2017  •  1 Comment

That "ONE" Picture


It starts every year sometime after Valentine’s Day, when the reality sets in for the teenagers and their parents.   While they are deciding on who to take to the Prom; how to ask the potential date; what colors to wear; and how are we going to get there.  Most parents are thinking, wow, I remember bringing this teen home from the hospital.   It seems like yesterday!  




Jayson, Bishop McDevitt High School Senior Prom


I have been blessed to capture Prom moments for the past 6 years.   I have enjoyed watching the young ladies as the cascade down the steps, totally transformed into the Cinderella and the models that they always wanted to be, with all eyes on them. 




Ciara, Cheltenham High School - Senior Prom



The guys as they tie their ties with Dad’s watchful eyes, and moms, straightening the tie to make sure that their young man looks perfect.




Jalen, Central High School, - Junior Prom


But most of all it never ceases to amaze me that most of these young ladies and gentlemen are shy when it comes to the “Big Camera”.  Most of them will look at their moms with pleading eyes, “Can’t this be over?” Until I get that one shot.  That "ONE" picture, that says it all.. 



Siani, Cheltenham High School - Senior Prom


That "ONE"  picture that reminds them why they went through the entire process to go to prom.  That one picture the makes them say to themselves in their


Will Smith voice….        

“I Make This Look Good!”



That’s all it takes is that "ONE" picture, that gets them excited.   That  "ONE" Picture that gets them to love the “Big Camera!”  


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!




Gregory, Cheltenham High School, Prom


If you would like to reserve me to capture your teen's Prom, please feel free to contact me.    I would love to meet you and your Teen to get that One Picture!





























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I love this page. Thanks for sharing. The photos are so vibrant and poses natural and creative. #loveit!
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